hazy sounds: fall through the window

Hazy Heat has made its way to Spotify, my dudes.

A highly intentional, personally curated playlist has always been a love language to me. I've put together so many mixes in my life, so many playlists, for all different people and all types of reasons. They can break through or communicate with any emotion. Loneliness, happiness, anger or hope, all that can exist in between. It has seemed since I was young that any way I feel can be captured, tamed, or celebrated by the right songs put in the right order. I have memories of spending hours creating CDs for others. Hours of choosing and ordering each song meticulously in an attempt to tell my story just as I mean it. Hundreds of mixes categorized by moods, times, people – it has always been a type of journaling for me. An exploration of self. There is something highly special about receiving music that was curated just for you, just as it is highly special to curate for someone else. I have a deep desire to show you all the same type of love, so consider this an invitation to yet another avenue of my psyche where I burn you all metaphorical CDs, decorate them with your favorite colored sharpies, and lovingly leave them in your car for keeps.

This playlist is made up of songs that have helped me in both comfort and combat over the past few weeks. Every day I open my windows to breathe in the almost-autumn air and I grapple between heaviness and hopelessness. Maybe you are grappling too. These songs do not have the answers, but they have provided me things I've needed to hear. I hope they can do the same for you. 

You can listen to "fall through the window" here