emotional collage: lessons and handshakes

New week, new photo dump. These were taken late March, I believe, so not exactly new. My current shooting-to-posting lag now spans several months (not ideal.) But I have a bunch of newly developed film on the way and my goal is to post photos with at least somewhat semi-chronological regularity. Unless I happen to not feel like it. I'm getting better, I promise.

This was a time that I can categorize as the beginning of uncertainty. So much of the way I've navigated the last six months harkens back to this time, this introduction of pre- and post- pandemic life. Our lives as we knew them shared a firm handshake with the vagueness ahead and the greeting left nobody at ease. Katie and I would spend hours on our bikes exploring to occupy our minds. Little adventures keep our hope intact, both then and now. Each one is a lesson in just how far a little can go. I am still very much a student. 

Additionally, but more importantly, you can click here for resources on how to check 
your voter registration, find your polling place, request an absentee ballot, etc.