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This life is the mouth if a whale, trap feeding from below Bringing in everything it can get, no surrounding is safe.  I am inside a ginormous open jaw I am confined by something so much bigger than myself. An enclosure so large I can hardly recognize its existence. I cannot see it from my place within the water though I feel it all around me. The view opens wide from above but I have no way to reach that place. I have no way to rise. Ten more seconds and I would have missed my chance to hug you Ten seconds less and the speeding car may have missed you. There is no sense, no formula for fairness There are greens and golds of summer and thunderstorm nightmares. Pain radiates heavy, so vast it brings my heart out of my chest.  Trap feeding, mouth open wide,  I tread lightly and move quickly and I am drowning all at once. Is that love, is that God? Is that what dooms us all? Moments are only moments, they’re either lucky or they’re not.