emotional collage: ordinary moments

Snapshots of a day in April, one like any other. My partner and I spent most of the spring and summer filling our time with walks or bike rides. We are lucky enought to live in at a fairly central point in town. Ten minutes in one direction leads us downtown while ten minutes in the other leads us to prairies, trees, and midwest country roads; a river runs adjacent to it all. We discovered places we'd never been before, from winding new bike paths to beautiful corners of the neighborhood to new places by the river where we sit and enjoy our coffee together. She and I developed a deep appreciation for the things we see all the time. Our town is filled with character and we often feel the kindness of both neighbors and strangers alike. To turn a seemingly boring act into an adventure started out of necessity, but it's grown into a practice of gratitute. A beautiful, intentional nurturing of the way we exist within the world around us. I hold a special place in my heart for it all. 




Hoping y'all can find some beauty in your ordinary days.