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fuck the supreme court

I am looking at a picture of you that makes me want to read a poem. You are a face framed in magnolia blossoms, staring reverently out at not-sure-what like it is a vast ocean. I google queer love poems  and then queer happiness poems  and then best love poems of all time.  You are none of these things, you are all of them. The door that safe-havens us, knocked by time or misfortune or legislation, will not budge from behind. Feet side-by-side, hands finger-laced, sturdy and malleable brick. This picture will hang on the walls of my soul; our hearts more ancient than written word. You are always the poem.

summer sleep demon

As the summer has started to unfold, I have not been very nice to myself. That 5:00 pm golden hour hits and I wonder why I feel anxious, hollow, and weak. Could it have anything to do with a day spent drinking four cups of coffee with zero water, forgetting to eat, and doom scrolling on the internet instead of going for a walk? Well, it actually has everything to do with those things. Are you surprised? Me neither. I am no more resilient than the plants in my house - I am an organic being. We are organic beings who need to be tended. I can churn up as many melodramatic reasons as I want about why my soul suffers on the sunniest days or why the world seems to be moving around me at a pace I could never match. But when all is said and done, if you're not giving yourself your basics, not much beauty will be able to grow.   Two days ago, while unable to sleep, I was struck with the urge to write this in my notes app: "Every day the realization becomes clearer that I can be anythin