NaPoWriMo - day #4

This poem comes from today's prompt from, to write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt. This is my first time writing off a prompt in... I don't know how long? But despite the initial struggle, it felt good to exercise the writing muscle (and the "finishing things" muscle). If you are inspired to create your own prompts, or to write in response to mine, please feel free to write me at and share. Thank you for reading, as always. 

Poems for Home: A List of Prompts

1. Trace your fingers along the spines in your bookcase. Each one tells its story, but who tells the stories that live in between? What is hiding in the ridges? Excavate for yourself. 

2. Pour a cup of coffee. You have shared better kisses with your favorite mug than you ever did with them. An affair of true love, rich and warm (though sometimes microwaved). You choose how you like it here; sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Remember what the difference is. Write a promise to never forget. 

3. Take the three-month-old jug of soup from your freezer. The one your grandmother mad, her special recipe, the marriage of carrots and childhood and not-too-much-celery-because-I-love-you. Lay on the ground, place the jar on the skin of your chest, over your heart. Let thaw and share.

4. Play your favorite record and find your favorite window. Observe what you hear, what you see. That which swirls in your eyes and blooms in your heart. Did you notice it is all the same? A desire to see and be seen. Breathe in, breathe out. Share what you've just created. 

5. Stand at the foot of your bed. Observe this vast ocean, tides of tears and sweat and blood, love-making and life-crumbling. Sometimes you are swimming and the sky above turns so heavy, so dark, you do not know if you will reach the other side. You always do. Tell the world about your voyages. 

6. Look in the mirror and realize that no matter where you stand, this body is your home. The face you see will always be your way to the world, your beautiful introduction. Write a love poem and remember who it is really for.