NaPoWriMo - day #23

 Sitting at the public pool, alive
I watch humanity do exactly 
what it's meant to. Movements 
signaling the world's pulse, still
in-tact. A man fixes the knot 
at the nape of his wife's neck
A few extra minutes spent on
a swimsuit top just to prove
he loves her the most, without
asking. A teenage couple holds
hands for what is clearly the 
first time. Children run, play, 
learn the art of occupying space.
They charge from the water to their
parents' arms, reckless & joyful
abandon, undeterred by those
passing in the crossfire. These
children do not know their actions
could be burdensome & they do
not know such a feeling exists
of no longer deserving love. I 
think about myself, so young
and deeply feel I always knew.