NaPoWriMo - day #12

This room smells like my childhood 

Artificial ocean, salty skies 

People meet because their music makes them 

I can't tell what's the past and what's not 

Soak in the present 

like bad news you can't shake

Don't worry honey 

I'm here for you only 

It feels like everything has opened up 

I sit alone but I'm not lonesome 

A fly on the wall with a girl to call home 

Drunk for a week straight 

Love, whiskey, trying not to fuck it up 

It feels like I'm waking up for the first time 

Have you ever heard yourself sing? 

Destined to keep orbiting 

Safe landing never comes 

I don't want to give you a reason

to not play that song 

because forever is a concept drawn 

by fear and brightness in galactic eyes 

And if anything can happen, then maybe 

we’ll emerge like dusk 

And watch it all go down together