ShePunk Fest 3/6/20

This is the beginning of a massive unloading of all the film I've shot over the course of this year. I bought myself an old Pentax point and shoot for Christmas and starting carrying it around consistently mid-January, not long before the world shut down and changed forever. These pictures remind me of how much I miss live music and photographing people and the way punk music feels when it seeps into your skin alongside a bunch of strangers and friends. I've also included as many links as I could find for the artists pictured. Don't forget to give them some love. 

✹ Jaq of Heart 

✹ The Rhododendrons  

✹ Annie Hex + Katie Bogle 
INSTAGRAM // Annie Hex

I wasn't able to get any photos of Sweetie, the last band of the night. But they're old friends who recently put out their first album and it's rad. The riffs are catchy and the vocals are tasty. INSTAGRAM + SPOTIFY