recalibrations // reclaimations

 I don't have much to say except that I'm editing a lot of film, trying to be present, working on routines that benefit my mental health, and starting up the hazy heat instagram again. Social media is a slippery slope for me, but I'm trying to venture back in to reclaim a bit of space. You see what works and what doesn't, right?

If you're on instagram and wanted to follow along, it would be very cool and mean a whole lot to me. There won't be anything posted on instagram that won't be here as well - is still most priority and a very precious love. But over the last couple months, as I've been struggling with self-worth and impostor syndrome and all sorts of trauma-related ruminations peppered onto my depression and anxiety (there's a mouthful for you), it seems that my first instinct to back away from life just isn't working anymore. And, again, you do what works until it doesn't work. Then you recalibrate. So here I am, recalibrating daily. My therapist always reminds me that I am the sky, my emotions are the weather. I am trying to stay grounded, remember what + who is important, and make more art that feels good to make. I am trying to make joy a priority. 

I hope you are staying well and seeking out the things you need, too. Sending love to all.